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I am looking for a bit of help. Here is the scenario. I am trying to compile sales data for a number of stores from multiple databases and import them into excel for the current month by day. I have a field for date and sales. The problem I am having is some stores are open Sunday and some arnt. When I run my query the stores that are off that day skip a day. If there a way for me to set up my query so that if there are no sales for a day make it zero or force it to use consecutive dating? Let me know if you need more information or clarification.

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This was a fun one, but I do have a couple of questions about your scenario. First, is this always to run for current month, or do you want to be able to set a date range? Next, were you looking for tabular data, or a pivot? And, did you want to do this all with querydefs or do you want to put it in VBA code? Last, what version of MSAccess are you using?

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Your assumptions are correct. This report would only need to be run for current month. Cross joining the tables is a great idea and exactly what I'll do. I'm suprised you were able to decipher that. As always thanks to the community and thank you Bitblt + marks for you!


Tabular data, MS2007. VB or querydefs are both fine. No preference.

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