i was wondering if any you guys knew of a simple way to sync from an access database offline to a mysql online database?

currently my system is running on php/mysql. there is another company who have a system that uses an access database behind it. i can access the columns from their database so i know the columns however what type of file would i need to use to get the info from their database into mine?

the users will use the access database provided by another provider and generate data in it. i need to then on my online system have a way where they can import that data straight into the online system. obviously you could export csv etc however they will not know how to do that on their computer so really need a file or script that they could run which would sync betweeen the two systems?

thanks again for the help.

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access2mysql sync is the best app I have found for quickly and easily moving data back and forth. You can usually find a copy for trial at http:\\download.CNET.com. If nothing else you will find several other apps there.

ill try posting this in he php forum as it may need some custom coding with xml integration.

thanks for the tip though.

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