Hello everybody, My question is simple.

I wish to develop a web site and I have been looking for web hosts and most offer MySql. At my job we use oracle, but after some searching I haven't found any great differences between them and any real reasons why I should choose one over the other.

So I would like to ask, from your personal experience, if MySql is the right choice and good enough for handling large numbers of data or paying some extra money for choosing oracle is worth it.

I know that beeing in the MySql forums most people would recommend MySql, but let's be objective :)

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MySQL can hold massive amounts of data and search it quickly. It is comparable to MSSQL or Oracle in terms of use in large projects (without getting down to the nitty gritty differences). MySQL is used on most web hosts for the simple reason that it is free.


Oracle bought MySQL to get rid of the free competitor. That may suffice to prove that MySQL in standard situations (like running a website) can do anything which Oracle can, only for free. If you want the bleeding edge, try MariaDB instead.

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