Hi guys, I'm a student and need to practice Oracle SQL queries since we have Advance SQL in our syllabus. I have Intel-based MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I just downloaded the SQLDeveloper for Mac and unzipped it. The application executed and started well. But I'm not able to create any connections. I get the following error "Status: Failure -Test Failed:IO Error: The network adapter could not establish the connection." when I key in the following parameters:

Connection name: hr
Username: hr
Password: hr

Connection type: Basic
Role: default

Hostname: localhost
Port: 1521
SID: orcl

Am I doing anything wrong? Do I need to install anything else? I'm newbie so please co-operate with me if I have ignored anything. I also Googled this error, found lot of search results but couldn't solve my problem. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Is oracle installed on same machine ?

No, actually I didn't find Oracle 10g Express Edition setup for Intel Mac. Some sites say Oracle 10g or 11g is not compatible with Intel Mac for now. If you know where I can find it, could you please tell me?

If oracle is not atll installed your application SQLDeveloper is pointing to what ?

You need to understand that you must have a database to connect. Using any tool like SQLDeveloper is always secondary.

Okay. Fine, I got it. But then where can I find Oracle database for Mac OS? Oracle site doesn't provide one. Oracle 10g links are discontinued while 11g is still not compatible with Mac OS they say. What's the use of SQLDeveloper then?

10g versions are no longer available for download.
You can install Oracle client on your machine and connect to any existing database over the network.

Okay. Fine. But could you please guide me step by step? I tried Googling a lot but all in vain. Please help me out.

Have you stalled Oracle Client.

Do you have oracle server database available to you, to be used by your oracle client from your system.

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