Hi All
I am developing win app so for that i am looking for database of indian State and Its Cities, tryed on google but failed Please help me if have any idea

Thanks In Advance

I have it in sql, let me know if you are still looking fot it

@sammry would you like to share it with me. I need it.

Can u also share it with me too.

kindly email the script or the backup or even in Excel will do.

I ll share the Database, Kindly Email me at(iNDIA, STATE, CITIES)

not a problem.

hiranpatel53, did you get the database? I am looking for one also, if you could share what you found with me.

You can download a free database from maxmind or a low cost one from www.WorldCitiesDatabase.com
In either case you will have to do some data processing to extract data relevant to your country.