Hi, I am new to mySQL database design.

I am having trouble getting my head around the best way to design my database for a simple online game.

Here are the details followed by my attempt and questions:

A game where multiple decisions are made by teams competing against each other.

Decisions are grouped into 7 stages where each stage has multiple choice actions. Based on their decisions, their performance is calculated and outputted after each stage of decisions.

At the end of the game the teams are ranked in terms of performance.

Firstly I have drawn up some inputs that I will obtain from the users:

Table Name: Game
Game No.
Total No. of Players
Current Status
No. of Teams

Table Name:School Details
Street Address

Table Name: Team
Team ID
No. of Players in Team

Table Name: Decisions
Marketing Research T
Sector Choice
Start-up Consultant
Sale Price
Heating Element
Head of Engineering
Head of S&M
Factory Size
Machinery Choice 1
Number of Machines 1
Product Research & Development Budget 1
Sales and Marketing Budget 1
Advertising Budget 1
Production Run 1

Table Name: Summary
(Linked to TeamID)
Current Balance
Previos Balance
Current Market Share
Previous Market Share
Previous Price
Current Price

I have grouped these into what I think the tables should be. There is a possibility of a game running from different schools with the games being unrelated and running separately hence the GameID.

A classroom is split into teams of about 5 people per team. Then they choose a team name, and begin to play the game together. They type in their TeamName and Password their logo is uploaded and they input their slogan. Next stage they make decisions via radio inputs. eg(They select their Martketing Team from one of three radio buttons, then they choose their Head of Engineering from one of three radio buttons). After some choices are made they input their price for the product and the details are sent to the database. Then they must wait until all other teams have completed stage1 and then the game manager decides when access is available to stage 2. In stage 2 and other stages they input new values and may update old ones. They are shown a report of their current financial state at the start of each new stage.

Sorry for the long message but I am unsure how to divide up the "Decisions" table for it to run more smoothly.

Thank you for your time

Here is a drawing of my database design...there are a lot more attributes in the decisions box I never put in but you get the idea.

I am wondering if this is correct also how could I improve it? I would like to break down the decisions into the stages as mentioned in the above post.


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