I am building an online music video library where u can strean the media to ur browser mobile phne and pda devices. I am using PHP for the middle HTML for the front end and MYsql for the backend.

I want to have database with the music files residing on them but I dnt know where to start if I could be given some advise I would be greatfull.

I have started and this is what i have so far. I have untill MAY 4th to do it but i am open to any criticism and any ideas that will help me

The functionality is a member logs in or a user can browse the song list

members have to be rcognised by the database which i havnt done yet

and non members can join which i have done and linked to the database but does not remember as a member,

a member has a personal library also where the songs that they browse can be added to their personal library

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Although you can store large binary data blobs (such as MP3s) in a database, I recommend you store the media files as normal files in the filesystem. Use the database to store meta data--that is data about the media files, but not the media files themselves.

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