I have installed Oracle 11g (latest version on my system. During the installation it didnt ask me to set username or any password. I'm unable to start sql plus because i dont have the username and password.

Can anyone tell me what is the default username and password or what is the default password for SYS or SYSTEM?


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Hello VC,

Check these out, hope it helps.

Click Here
Click Here

But i should think ypu had to enter a password during the installation process

i Hope sysadmin/sysadmin may work

if you have installed oracle server in the system, you have to set password during installation atleast for SYS and SYSTEM accounts.

Thanks guys. But your suggestions dint help.
It dint give me the option to set password during installation. :(

Username : sys
passowrd : (The one entered during installation)

When i used oracle with eclipse & netBeans it only asked me for Password during installation...
My username(that oracle assigned itself was) : SYSTEM
pass : that i entered..

Hope this helps.... otherwise uninstall completely(delete oracleexe in C:... if not deleted during uninstall)...& reinstall...

I have not entered any username and password during my oracle 11g installation can any one please help to figure this out and i have instaled enterprise edition

When i installed it asked me for a password and NOT username....
I tried various usernames...root,system,sysadmin...
It finally worked for SYSTEM...
I think it should ask u for password during installation....
uninstall completely(delete oracleexe in C:... if not deleted during uninstall)...& reinstall...

I had the same problem.It dint ask for a username although a password was asked.
Try with:
Password:The password u gave during installation.

Else,uninstall it and re install it gving a proper password this time and be careful to see when it asks for a Pass...
Hope it ends the query

Try the Username as SYSMAN & Password as u given at the time of Installation

Awesome guys SYSTEM and password thing (try n re-collect the password given during installation) worked for me

enter user Name : sys as sysdba
enter pwd : which is gven in installation

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i had the same issue
username: sysdba
(password set up while installation)
hope this helps

SQL> connect /as sysdba

Connected. [SQL prompt response]

vi. SQL> alter user SYS identified by "newpassword";

User altered. [SQL prompt response]

This will surely help coz it worked for me...
password:(one u entered during installation)

hey guys try using the user name as : system
and the password that you had given while installing ... it worked for me. while installing i didnt give any user name but a password was iven.... i was worried i tried many user names sysdba/sys... dint work

at last i used user name as: system
and te password that i ve given while installing. it worked

try sys / as sysdba as username and for password just press enter.......... this will work .

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Hey thanks..

i have installed oracle 11g express first time and now i want to create new user plz tell me what is the system name and system passward.

Password should be which is given in installation

Enter user-name: sys as sysdba
Enter password: which is gven in installation


what is the default username and password for oracle 11g.and how to create our own username and password for database login.

if you'd taken 10 seconds to read previous responses...

the correct answer is you should try the username as system and the password that you have give at the time of installation.

I think I understand the confusion caused by this stupid database.

I open my browser to http://localhost:8080 and I get an HTTP login. Nothing would get me past this.

I found this article: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc/doc.41/e21674/start_login.htm

So the answer seems to be go straight to the http://hostname:port/apex/apex_admin

Then you can use 'system' and your installation password.

HTH someone.

EDIT: You'll get an HTML login page, not the HTTP login dialog.

Hey Deepak15
It worked.Many thanks :) Y oracle makes this so hard :3


user name: system
password:which u entered while installing

works well.. try this guys

create user "username which we want" identified by "password which we want";

this is query to create the user of our own

eg:create user sathish identified by sathish;

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