I’m making an online database (with some help). What I’m having trouble figuring out is how it might be possible to sell ‘records’…or rather the ability to add records. I would sell access to the database based on the number of records a user buys. Once you buy a record (or a thousand) you’d always have read access to the files you added. A user would probably be sold blocks of records. So, I’d need to track how many records were purchased…how many have been used…and limit the ability to add more records once the block has been all used up. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.

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please post your datamodel

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please post your datamodel

I don't have the database in hand. It's still being developed. But, this is a general question. Perhaps there are some similar applications out there that charge people per the # of records they add.

You can use MYSQL to create a database via Cpanel. You need to have deep knowledge of MYSQL database modification. You can ask any PHP developer to work on it.

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