I need query tool, which has one simple function - to be able to execute different queries not commending out another queries. This is so annoying, how those another software can not have this simple feature, like pgadmn does not have (I guess), dreamcoder does not have, have just tried Database .NET - it also does not have this feature. I am sick of it, please help. Or have I myself write this software?

I remember sqlyog - it was almost perfect but it does not support postgre :(

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I happily use Navicat. Don't know if it will suit your needs though (and it is paid but they have a trial).

If I remember well, navicat does not have the feature to run queryies not commenting other queries out. If this is not true, then please tell, I should at least try then.

You can run each query in a seperate window, and/or save them locally. Not sure if that is what you mean.

yeah, I can run each query in seperate window, but I want in the same, for example

select * from x;
select * from y;

if the cursor is on first line, then it runs query in first line till he sees ';'

Aha, sorry then. No, Navicat does not support that. If you have multiple queries in a single window, it will run them all and show each result in a different tab.

in case someone is interested - dreamcoder can run queries without commenting them when you highlight one query which you want to execute

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