Hi, I want to make a report of several fields - however, rather than showing each record for each field I just want to display totals. Given this I think it would read a lot better if I had the field headings in one column down the page, so it reads downwards as a list. Is it possible to format a report in this way?

Thanks very much.

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It is possible to format your report to show the field names in 1 column and the results in another. If you use the wizard, select columnar layout and it will do it for you or go into design view and drag and drop the fields and their labels in the appropriate place.

To display totals create a query that will sum your values like:

select sum(field1),sum(field2),sum(field3) from table

and use that as datasource for your report.

PS: PIVOT won't work in access. Besides it's a bit overkill if you just want to sum() all values.

...PIVOT won't work in access...

Actually, MSAccess has the "Crosstab Query" which serves the same purpose. Granted, it uses different syntax, but the result is the same. Interestingly, MSAccess supported this functionality before SQL Server did. Oh, the irony... :)

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