Hello every bodyI'm new to database modeling, my teacher asked me to choose a government institution and design/model a database for it using ERD modeling.

I need help on creating the business rule and identifying the entities, I can add attributes once I create the business rule.

I choosed a court in my case, it'll be very small, with 10 something judges


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Hi TheSomalilander,

What have you been able to do so far?

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Hi TheSomalilander,

What have you been able to do so far?

Dear friend I can do everything in MS access and SQL Server(regarding my work), but it is difficult to me to create the business rule and the entities, it is a typcial court with judges, president, cases, people(sides), judge assistants, Lawyers, etc.

please help me on ERD (Entity relationship diagram) by building relationships and the missing entities ..

Check out here, here.

Please try to post with what you've done. It helps us help you. :-)

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