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I got SQL Server Compact I got a database called Pages and a row called pName the row contains page names, but some are upper-case I now want to make all these lowercase.

So there is a page like Downloads, I want to change it to downloads is this possible to do?

Yes, there is a handy little function called "LOWER()" and it's sister function "UPPER()" that can be used to change the case of character data.

So you'd do something like:

select lower(pName) as PageName from dbo.Pages

That will change every upper-case character in the string to lower-case.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Well yeah that's it but I used update, because I want to update the column not read it. For those wondering how I did it just like this:

 "UPDATE Pages SET pName=LOWER(pName)";

Anyway thanks Bit!

My pleasure. Be sure to mark the thread "solved".

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