Someone told me that even the basic Oracle SQL commands are useful to learn and I can find jobs with it. I will not just learn the basic commands of course, I will do my best to learn it completely but first i need to know if its still commonly use and most importantly, can I find a job with this? Can someone please give me some info about this?

And also is this job called Database Developer?

Thanks in advance

Oracle is still widely used. Four of my biggest clients use Oracle as their back-end, and not knowing Oracle or SQL for Oracle would have lost me those accounts.

And also is this job called Database Developer?

That might be one job title, sure.

deceptikon thank you sir...
Any more ideas anyone?

Thanks bro. I pretty much know the basic commands but Im not sure if I take it to the next level. Because Im not sure if im gonna be able to find a job with this...

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