hello every one , !
i have same prob as the user had in this thread Click Here
first i thought to post my question in that thread but then i thought it is better to open new thread . in above mentioned thread a user have prob to connect server through internet , but i want to connect my server with my another pc connecting with a cross cable , i done all the things . but it is not connecting , i tried to google it and find videos , tutorials , blogs about this , but not working at my end , please guid me step by step so that i can solve my prob.

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The first step is to resolve network connectivity. When you use the cross-over cable, did you check to make sure that the link lights on both computers lit up?

Next, both systems need to be on the same logical subnet. Since you have two computers connected, you should configure them with static IP addresses.

For example, PC1 -, subnet mask, and PC2 -, subnet mask No default gateway.

Open a comand prompt on both computers and use the PING command. If you have connectivity, that's good, next step is to configure the apps to work together.

No connectivity, check the IP settings, next check to make sure you do not have a local firewall application blocking network connectiivty.

report back after you check on this...

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