I want to display table by default in ascendind order with dynamically changing header.

Here is my code. It is displaying the rows unordered. It should be in ascending at first look and then can change by column.

    $order = (isset($_GET['sortCostCode']) && strcasecmp($_GET['sortCostCode'], 'desc') == 0) ? 'DESC' : 'ASC'; 
    $column = isset($_GET['sortcolumn']) ? $_GET['sortcolumn'] : 'logid';
    $column = isset($_GET['sortcolumn']) ? $_GET['sortcolumn'] : 'prenom';

    $query = "SELECT * FROM `Humeur_log` ORDER BY `$column` $order LIMIT 0,30";
    $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());;

          <th><a href='?sortcolumn=logid&sortCostCode=<?php echo $order == 'DESC' ? 'ASC' : 'DESC'; ?>'>Logid</a></th>
          <th><a href='?sortcolumn=prenom&sortCostCode=<?php echo $order == 'DESC' ? 'ASC' : 'DESC'; ?>'>Prenom</a></th>
          echo "<tr>";
          echo "<td>" . $rows['logid'] . "</td>";
          echo "<td>" . $rows['prenom'] . "</td>";
          echo "</tr>";

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It should be in ascending

Ascending by what column? Remove line 3, and adjust logid to the column you want to use for the initial sort.

I want to display table by default in ascendind order with " logid "

Remove line 3, it is getting in the way.

Its working but it should be in ascending order. For the moment, it is displaying in descending order.

It should be able to change afterwords.

The code is fine and the output should be ascending (assuming you removed line 3), unless desc is specified in the url.

You are absolutely right. Now, It is working perfect..!!

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