I'm working on a database project. I avve to build a DB for medical record (hospital) but I'm not too familiar with hospital stuff. I have to come up with entity sets with their attributes, build an ER diagram and then do a Query with GUI included. What I need from you guys is ideas about entity sets for medical records. I don't need anybody to build the ER or anything. I just need ideas of Entity sets. Specify if it's weak entity. I don't need attributes or relationships either. I can come up with those myself.

Righ now, the only entities I can think of are: Patient - Nurse - Doctor - Drugs - Symptoms - Hospital ... with their attibutes. So, need help asap. It's due in 2 weeks :)

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you sure your doing this for an hospital ?
usually health sector are very pointy.

lets say they're upgrading from paper to digital.
didn't they have patient records on paper, you can base your DB structure on it ?

i'm certain they would have insurance references in there somewhere, patient number or card number, dates of prescriptions and visits ...

You should ask the hospital about the entities... plus, doctor should go before nurses...
Here is a bunny...
( ' ' )

Sounds like your homework to me ;)

Who ever heard of a hospital hiring a beginner to create a database, when they almost certainly use one of the existing medical / patient databases that are available commerically.

@drjohn Yes, it is a school project and the project is to create a hospital DB. I've never said some hospital hired me to create a DB for them.

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