Hello Community,
Is there a website that has a database like phpmyadmin that i can access from my website?

Please help...

phpmyadmin is a database management tool that handles MySQL administration. Are you asking is there something simular to phpmyadmin to administer your database?

Do you have your site hosted? The providers generally include access to some sort of database platform.

@exactprecisions Oh, ok well is there a website with a normal database?

@JorgeM My website does have a database but for security reasons they won't allow access to it from outside my website but i want to access a database that all my websites can use.

Ok I see. I can tell you that some providers do allow access from the Internet. I know first hand that GoDaddy gives this option, at least for MSSQL. I dont know of any free providers.

Is there anyway i could run myown database on my website so i can access it from all my other websites? My website already has it's own which is from the hoster but i want to make my own.

Why not build an API around it. Create a web service giving access to your data. That way there's no direct threat to your database, and you'll have many ways to protect it, and you are in complete control.

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