Hello all,

im looking to try and find a simple set of pros and cons with regards to comparing Enhanced-Entity-Relationship Diagrams and Object Role Modelling diagrams.

Basically any plus or negatives given for/against either would be great.

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Look I am not involved with this topic so much, and I see you're not someone come to ask and take an answer rather you want to discuss, so let's start
I see EER: is pretty used in complex database design like if I've inheritance in my tables and so on, generally if my entities is designed in conceptual level, I'll apply this design in RDBMS

I see ORM: the same as above but I take into account I'll apply this design in OODBMS


is this the only factor you would use to weigh up which model to use?
In my opinion i believe that ORM is a much more technically based drawing and isnt doesnt reap the benefits that ERD has already shown and has been expanded upon with EERD.
This is only brought about from the limited exposure I have had with each, but in terms of accurately displaying a "template" i have to go for EERD. Anybody else have any definitive YES/NO's for using ORM over EERD or visa versa?

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