Hi, is there another way of hiding or formating column value in asterisk in select statement?

im using the command replace

SELECT REPLACE([Item].[Price],[Item].[Price], '**********') AS Price From Tablename

it works fine, but is there anyway to do this? Instead of replacing/forcing the value to display asterisk, i just need if possible the same value (of price) only masked to asterisk because i need to add the total in crystal report

thanks for your help

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You can suppress the value in Crystal so that it doesn't show up, but then include it in the totals. That's probably easier than trying to mess with your SQL so that you can get the desired data pulled into the report.

Thanks for the idea but how will i do it in crystal report?
Ifound the suppress in field property by how will i the column value to asterisk?

thanks again

I would suppress the field so that the numbers are hidden from view, then put a plain text field with asterisks over the top of it.

i got it, thanks for the idea darkagn, i just cant place a plain text on top of it since my field varies in row numbers, but maybe its just good nothing will display.

thanks again

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