i've been working on a program and i want it to be accessed by multiple users.
so i have an admin account and an other users account
what i want to do is for the other users to be able to access the program and its database from another computer

i'm using sql server 2008 and i figured that i should just change the connection string, is that right?

i need other suggestions to solve this though

thank you

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What does the server do? If all your clients need is database access then hitting a database on another machine is simple. If clients connect to a server that handles the heavy lifting, you'd need to look into something like WCF to manage the communication between them.

Another thing to consider is whether clients will be on the same network or across networks (such as across the internet) as that will affect your options in communication protocol.

Accessing the program and accessing the database are two different things. When you have multiple users accessing the database at the same time you have to be concerned about coordinating updates, deletes, inserts etc. In your code, have you accounted for problems that may occur when multiple users are updating the database at the same time?

Changing the connection string to account for a new database location may not be sufficient. How are you controlling access? Are you using Windows Domain authentication or SQL Server accounts?

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