Please help me out her, I am building a website using wordpress I have created a post with four different categories in the post page, categories named : Action. Terror, Documentary, and News, and these four named Categories are automatically inserted into one of the eleven tables automatically created by wordpress for me, below (Second below) are the tables created automatically by wordpress and the four categories mentioned above are inserted into (wp term) like this the (first below)
Please my problem is how do I make make the (link names) linked in each of the four categories (mentioned above) in my site be recognized by the Table for a public search for each name to be fruitful from the search form, please do I need to create another table for the names despite the ones below and insert the names that I have in my website page categories?
Please if I don`t have to create another table then how do I add the names here in these tables and where exactly do I?
The names could be something like this, John, James, Rose, Samuel, etc.
Thank for assistance.
PLease I attached a file to explain better.

First below (term table)
term_id name slug term_group

1 horrow movie horrow 0

2 working working 0

3 Action action 0
4 Terror terror 0

5 Documentry documentry 0

6 post-format-image post-format-image 0

• Second below (Tables)
• wp_commentmeta
• wp_comments
• wp_links
• wp_options
• wp_postmeta
• wp_posts
• wp_terms
• wp_term_relationships
• wp_term_taxonomy
• wp_usermeta
• wp_users

Are you asking how you can use the search term Action, Documentary, etc in the Wordpress search form and for it to display posts filed under the searched category?

If so, Wordpress strangely enough doesn't do this by default. Instead, you need to override the search query in Wordpress. This can be fiddly - especially if you're new to Wordpress. To make things easier, a plugin called Search Everything actually does this for you. Just install it via the admin panel and you should be good to go.


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