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Sorry for waiting..........

Table 1
id  name    city
 1  john    abc
 2  raj      ab

Table 2
id  name    dob
2   raj     ab
3   Mathu   abc

this is the table structure


hai pssingh1001,

please be more informative in your requirement (i.e what do you want and what do you have so far)

explain briefly so that we will help you

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I am extremely sorry   .......All.
I was going to wrong side...
this is the table structure ,the Id field 2 is repeted twice .
   Table 1
    id  name city
    1  john  abc
    2  raj   ab
    2  raj   ab
    3  Mathu abc

    then how to delete its duplicacy....
    plz suggest....

hai pssingh1001,

have you gone through the URL which i have posted initially?( see top most one)

thats help you a lot for this kind of requirement

please check its one and let me know the status

happy coding


Hi All.......................
thanks the above mentioned kinks are suitable for me///
If do u have other links , I will prefer.............

Thanks for sharing yr view...........

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