I get this error:[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.When Running my vb6 module on Another server
    SQL Server is installed on Windows Server 2003,and i am testing the application from WinXP and  Win7 on my server it will work. Testing from other machines(Server) with same settings doesn't work.Any ideas are appreciated.

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Thanks for your post,But the problem is, this module only(Maintainance).If i run some other module from client server,It will work,and also i'll check all the connections like,odbc,tcp/ip,sql configuration manager,Sql browser,services,firewall,etc..

Anyone have any idea..
and also the links u r posted i have checked already and once again like tcp/ip,Sql browser,services,firewall,IPSec policy,etc..Please Help to Resolve this problem ASAP.

Did u created a user Id in your server? In microsoft sql server management studio>security>logins? Be sure you also create this in your other testing machine server

Of course,i had created USER ID to my server

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