hey every body , i need to know how i can create an automatic back up for my database step, i am using sql Enterprise server 2008 R , what i need is the steps of how to do thats and how i can check if the job start or not , thanx

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Have a look at this, this, this and …

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If you have access to SQL Management studio, you can create a maintenance plan. Its GUI driven so its very easy to set up a backup job. In addition, the job can include options for deleting older backups after x days so you dont have to worry about keeping an endless stock of backup files that will eventually fill up the drive.

U can add it to windows task scheduler . Write a batch file to export sql server database and add it to windows task scheduler.

you can use the sql jobs all yo uhave to do is to create a job that will back up your dbase. u can choose full back up if you want to back up the whole db. or the other option..also you can set the time of your back up..

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