Good day,

I just want to ask how could i start to create a simple database using SQL server 2008.
I have all the employee images that was on the folder, if i create a table for let say employee table.

All i want is to create a link or maybe store that images on the table just in case that i will query it.. i can retreive it.


So do you have SQL server and SQL Management studio installed?

If so, use that console to manage the DB, create a table. You can store the path to the images in the table, or you can store the images within the DB. Both have advantages and disadvantages. There is no right or wrong here. It depends on what your requirements are.

I thinnk the sql code never need to use because We can use database easily by interface so it is easy for me. thanks.

@JorgeM yes i installed Microsoft SQL server 2008..
@ovizunshop u mean i can create table for my employee.? How could i link the image for the employee? do i have to put the path the location of each image?

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