Hi I finally screwed up.In order to get rid of a minor problem I uninstalled Wamp Server and reinstalled it.Now when I try to start it it will not accept my old password.What can I do? Do I have to uninstall everything mySql, Workbench,Wamp server and maybe php? Another thing, I installed all these programs separately, is there a single package to get all these in one single install?And if I have to redo the whole thing in which order should I install these programs? Thank you

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I don't know much about wamp.
I can recommend http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html which comes with all of those in the same installer though.

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Just uninstall all and reinstall it again. Just check what happens. Either it may resolve your problem.

Hi, I think I am getting there. I thought since I don't know much about it that I had to have Wamp server in order to access myPhpAdmin and I was having all sorts of problems.Finally I realized, reading about it that I don't so I just installed phpMyAdmin in a www.root folder and opened it from the command line typing localhost/myPhpAdmin, works fine. I still have a little problem with the command line. When I reinstalled mySql I set a root password, then I created 2 accounts both admin each with a password. Mine works fine, but when I try to log in with the other password(other user)the prompt disappears.Can't we have 2 admin is that the problem? Also I cannot log in with the root password from the command line.I used to before.Something I cannot grasp yet, but as I said I can connect with my password and also connect to myPhpAdmin with the same password.

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