I need to create a database for a simple website with films collection. I decided I need following columns in the table:

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I made some reading and after getting familiar wit normalization rulez I decided to divide this in four tables:

1st table "Basic info"with columns: movieID,titleID, directorID, yearID
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2nd table:"Artists ID" with colums: movieID, titleID, artist1_ID, artist2_ID,artist3_ID,artist4_ID
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3rd table "CategoryID" with columns: movieID, titleID, category1_ID, category2_ID, category3_ID, moodID
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4th table "DescriptionID" with columns: movieID, titleID, trailerID, descriptionID
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Im having problem with creation relations. I know it should be one-to-many relation but I dont know how to draw it in diagram. Can anybody help me with this please ? Also are tables above look alright ?

Thanks in advance

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None of your images show a diagram, just a table layout. It's hard to guess how far you want to take this, but I'd suggest never to create columns named "artist1_ID, artist2_ID, artist3_ID, artist4_ID". This indicates that you need an intermediate table, because what do you do when you need more than four artists.

I'd suggest you start by describing what entities you want to store, e.g. movies, genres, actors. Based on that my choice would be something like this:

------------  -------  -----------  --------------
Id (PK)       Id (PK)  Id (PK)      MovieId (FK)
Title         Name     Description  ActorId (FK)
GenreId (FK)

Trailers and directors can be solved just like MOVIES_ACTORS because you can have more of them for a single movie.

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