Hi Experts,

I need your valuable suggestions for research topic in mysql.
Topic should have practical implemenatation part.

There are a coluple of free sample databases out there that should give you food for thought,
Sakila, Northwind and others.

You're doing research, and you are asking for a topic on a web forum???

Speed comparision mysql vs oracle on a 100,000,000 row table, with and without indexes

The internal file structure of mysql vs oracle - a comparative study.

Advantages and disadvantages of mysql over oracle and access as a desktop system.

Conversion of mysql into a GIS

Efficiency of the mysql query optimiser (and optionally, compared to other systems)

Speed and efficiency of a mysql distributed database.

A better query optimiser for mysql.

When is it worth using an InnoDB or MyISAM or Aria, based on data types, and database size.

A comparitive study of mysql vs InfiniDB vs XtraDB - which user scenario suits each engine.

Well, you did ask for a research topic, didn't you.

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