Hi guys I need some help again.I am designing a web site for a small hotel.The site is done I have a form to check room availability.When I click on a small calendar img the calendar pops up and I can insert dates of arrival and departure.I also have some input boxes where I manually insert other data. I have created a database and I have tables like guests,rooms,bookings etc. What I cannot figure out is 1)How can I retrieve which rooms are available by clicking the submit button(must be some php code involved).I have searched Internet exstensively but could not find a clue on how to design a table showing say the dates for a whole month and the rooms available on a certain day.2)If a succeed in getting over this how do I insert the reservation data in more than 1 table so that everything is updated at the same time? This is more than I can handle at this time so I would appreciate if somebody could tell me exactly what to do whithout assuming that I know more than I do which is very little so far, I have this problem when I look at various tutorials.Also a lot of times I realiza that the code in these tutorials are old and not compatible with my
version of php 5.4.Thank you very much.

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I'm not sure about php, but I'm sure you'll find a couple of threads about resource availability in here (Databases category).
About inserting to more than 1 table, use a stored procedure.

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