Hi, lets say I have the following 7 records in my database

ID Model
-- ------
1 400
2 400FL
3 400 FL
5 SGH500
6 SGH-500
7 SGH 500

How is it possible if i could select out the rows which are of possible match to some other rows?

E.g. IDs 1, 2 & 3 are possible matches of one another and IDs 5, 6 & 7 are possible matches of one another. ID 4 will not be displayed in the result.

Thanks a lot in advanced

Use the LIKE keyword in your SELECT statement.

SELECT Model FROM Table WHERE Model LIKE '%00';

Experiment with that. You may also be able to use regular expressions in the LIKE constraint.

Using the like constrait with '%00' would work for this sample, but would still require the human eye to make the associations with each possible duplicate. I'm not exactly sure what the solution would be for something with 60,000 records, but I have a feeling it will take more than one query for this kind of scenario. I too have some duplicate records to deal with (hence 60,000 records) and was hoping to stumble on a solution as well. I'm thinking about trying to do something with a pivot table or a custom tool. If I find something I will be sure to post back my results.