I am using MySQL to plot data about a quiz into graphs for analysis reasons. I have created a series of queries (with the help of the members of this forum!) I am now saving them as routines so I can call them for efficiency. For some reason with a 'called' query the option to 'display chart' disappears. Is there a way to get around this??

Many thanks,

Will Voke


I think that is the correct answer to your question, I am very new to all of this.

No. That's just what provides your services (Apache, MySQL and PHP). I don't think it's the query, it's how you are showing it. My guess is you are using a charting tool, I'd like to know which one.

Errrm, I am not sure all I am doing is putting my query in and then using the 'query results operation' tab which is found at the bottom of my screen? In here i have the option to 'Print view' 'Print view (with full texts)' 'Export' 'Display Chart' 'Create view'. When I run my query as a routine, the operations available are 'Print view' 'Print view (with full texts)' 'Create view'.

Yes, sorry that is what im using

Do you think there is a solution?

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