Hi all,

I need to use MySql in a commercial website.
What License should I buy MySql in?
What if I reveal the sourcecode?

Do guide me.

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It is free to use. The only time you have to pay is if you

1. Want the Enterprise version ( quicker updates and help mostly)
2. Going to sell an application that is on a CD/DVD that MySQL is installed on.

So in your case, your fine. Just download and use.

yeah, if you want to use Mysql unmodified, in a commerical website you own, i THINK you can do it for free, just download the community version

Hi Catro and jbennet,

Your replies were really to the point and seems reliable....Now that is clear for me.

I got this doubt because I want to use Apache tomcat (only GPLV3 Compatible) and Mysql 5.0 community server (only GPLv2 compatible) together in my program.Can I combine these programs to a larger single website software (bcos gpl2 and gpl3 are not compatible licences).Mysql 5.0 enterprise version is a different license which has no such rules.

do suggest something on this too.


There is no problem using Apache with MySQL. The company i'm a Database Admin offers fee based online applications. We use apache and MySQL.

Thanks bennet.

Dear castro,

1 final question..sorry for being personal.If its okay please share with me whether you use mysql community server or mysql enterprise server with tomcat?

with this i think i hav to wait for reply from mysql ppl.

thanks for bearing, :)

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