Hi all,
I am seeing the following error in my tomcat log file. Please see the attached file for the full error with stack trace. When I first bounce the server all is ok. After running for some time (I haven't yet been able to determine the exact amount of time) I start see this error. Any ideas?


[ERROR] JDBCExceptionReporter - No operations allowed after connection closed.

Connection was closed due to the following exception:


MESSAGE: Communication link failure: java.net.SocketException, underlying cause: Connection reset


MESSAGE: Connection reset



i think , u r excuteing query after connection is closed .

I don't believe the problem is in the code. Here is why: When I first bounce the tomcat service, the site will run fine for several days. Then out of the blue, we start to get null pointer errors and wee start seeing the above errors in the log. If you hit the reload button on the web browser, the page will come up. I've done some searching on the net, and the problem appears to be that our connection pooling is dropping the connection. I added some parameters to the connection pooling in my hibernate file and bounced the service on Monday. Just waiting to see if I get the null pointer error or not.

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