sir i have three sheet in excel..first sheet i have many colounm with filder second sheet i have same coloum with filder option .IN third sheet also same ..sheet name only varying ..what i want is in first sheet i have one colounm name is form with filder( C,F,S)..IF I select c many rows are second and third sheet also selcting C ..i should open one new sheet and put sheet 1 and sheet2 and sheet 3 (what are the rows are dispalyed if i select C ) new sheet if i open and selct the coloumn form (C) some rows are displaying..i want sheet name before displaying the rows( sheet 1,sheet 2 ,sheet 3)

Sorry, I'm really confused as to what you require?! Perhaps if you upload a workbook with a before and after scenario we can work something out for you. You'll have to zip the file to upload onto Daniweb.

have opened 3 sheets in excel..first sheet name apr-june ,second sheet name july to sep,third sheet name oct-dec...coloumn name(filder option) same as in three i have opended one new sheet apr-dec..this sheet i am combining all three excel sheet ..what i want is if i do filder in new sheet want sheet name before displaying the apr-june ,july-sep,oct-dec...hope u got it..reply soon ..very urgent

Hi karthikav, please upload a workbook as per my suggestion in my previous post. I understand your urgency but I have no idea how your data is laid out and therefore any answer I try to come up with will be based on me guessing, which will not get this solved nearly as fast as your urgency.

cont upload this based on company rule..will explain you my first excel sheet name apr-june ok...lot of sellers are there so put coloum name seller with filder option ok..second column name buyer with filder option ..third coloumn forms with filder option(s,F ,R)..IN SAME THREE coloumn is there in second and third sheet my first sheet coloumn form i am selecting F FORMS .. so some rows are displaying which and match form F..IN Second and third sheet same F FORMS SELECTING..some rows are displaying..what i want is want to merge these three sheet in to one new sheet with same coloumn name..i have copy and paste it in one new sheet new sheet if i select same form F ..all rows are displaying...i want sheet name before displaying the rows in new sheet ....

Hi karthikav, unfortunately I am no closer to understanding your requirement than I was yesterday. Without a file to work with, I would be spending more time on this than I can afford and it still won't help your rush. I would say that if you can't upload the original file, upload a mock version of it with no sensitive or personal data in it. If you provide before (your 3 sheets) and an after (the fourth sheet) scenarios it would help me to help you greatly. Other than that, you may have to wait (and hope) for someone else to come along and help.

Sorry but this is the best I can offer.

hi stugie now i have attching the file .. first sheet i have some data with rows..second sheet have some rows and third sheet viceversa..what i did is in fourth sheet i am merging first and second and third sheet..after meging i do filter eg.if i select mala in filter option rows are displaying continuously...i want first sheet and second sheet and third sheet name in between this..dont want to miss any rows for merging data in fourth sheet .

There's no file.

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