i have a login box, but when i click login, it will now display (SELECT*FROM members WHERE email='wareez' AND password ='lord'

The login box is not working. also the registration form too will submit the form to the database but it did not load the user homepage after the successfull registration.

please help me.

We need to see some code. I'd also add some spaces to your query... Please add your form processing code and your actual form code. It would also be good if you get a PHP or SQL error to us. Just for easy reading and to avoid syntax issues:

"SELECT * FROM `members` WHERE `email` = 'wareez' AND `password` = 'lord'"

Also instead of SELECT * just select one field such as the SELECT username or even better the rows id.

please, send me your email so that i can copy those code into notepad for you to help me trace the error

my email is gurusolutionworld@gmail.com


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