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I don't know which is better for income, but the path to take entirely depends on your skills.

  • If you're good with graphics but have no skill nor interest with coding, web designing is your way.
  • If you're good with code, yet lack skill to produce good graphics and/or design, web development is your direction.
  • If you're good with both, then why you shouldn't handle both?

I personally am poor with design but skilled with code, so my path is very clear.


what is difference b/w web development & web designing.In which we have better scope or income?

Developers will, per national average, earn a higher salary than designers. That said, the two are entirely different skillsets and require different mentalities. People don't typically choose to go one way or the other due to salary, but rather which jives with their personality and the way their brain functions.


Takes those numbers with a grain of salt though. The difference may be even more marginal than Indeed leads one to believe.

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