Dreamweaver 8 in windows 8 with xampp following 2 errors
1) Unidentified error occured
2) There is no testing server found on this server machine /.php>

These are occured When clicking on plus then MySql Connection dialog box opens

Connectin name - Con
MySQL server - localhost
user name - root( When installing MySQL I entered root as my user name )
password - Password( When installing MySQL I entered Password as my password )
Database - Select ( On clicking select button I got these errors )

In dreamweaver 8 I am trying to make website with back end support of mysql. I have installed
xampp for this purpose.
right now url <"http://localhost"> is working on my browser
phpMyAdmin is working My browser is processing php pages. I could see mysql and Apache running in task manager ( Its windows 8)

This is the info I typed in testing server dialog box Site - new
Site -

Testing server Server model -> PHP /MySQL Access
Local/Network folder -> <C:\xampp\htdocs\phpTest>
URL prefix -> <"http://localhost/">

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The dreamweaver PHP test location should be directed to Drive:\xampp\htdocs\Your_dw_test_directory\

How to find which one is your dw_test_directory

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