Below tables :I am trying to calculate
openLeadsCount having status 1

I tried but getting wrong results

SELECT COUNT( FROM lead JOIN lead_status ls WHERE 
AND MAX(id) FROM lead_status lst WHERE lst.status=1 )

Lead table:
    id created_on
    1    2014-1-13 
    2    2014-1-18

lead_status table
    id lead_id   created_on       lead_status
    1    1       2014-01-13:05:00      1       
    2    1       2014-01-14:06:00      2
    3    1       2014-01-14:06:00      1
    4    2       2014-01-14:06:00      1


  FROM lead JOIN lead_status ls 
   AND MAX(id) FROM lead_status WHERE lead_status=1)

Note the replacement of WHERE with ON and the correction of the field name in lst.status=1 to lead_status=1.

This is a valid query, however, I am not sure this is the query you want because I don't know what constitutes an openLead and you didn't give an example of the recordset you wanted returned.