Hiz people ....after a day i m having pracitcal exma....n they have said me to make a database....so i decided to make student database of my school.....very simple so that sir wont ask me hard questions....so plz i think i donno some steps in completing my database....can anyone help....

for eg:-

i donno how to make a browse button so that it may browse the picture of student and display it in the image frame (as in the sample Northwind )

and second thing is that i have added a fees form....i jst want to make that if i click/tick the bus...the fees must increase and even if possible for different students groups (medical/pre-engineering-chemistry students/generalscience-computer students)

thankyou ...here is the database

and ya plz keep in mind the more simple it will b...more easier questions will b asked by the examiner :S ...and second thing we havent teachd visual basic.... so plz if u have modified so plz post the steps u did n how u did...so taht i can explain to the examiner... thankyou

i tried to upload but donno some probs occurs......

i hope this link will work


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well one prob is solvd about the tick in bus .....

only the button to browse the image is the problem...plz help me out

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