I want to do a silent install of sql express 2008 (free edition)
In my configuration file, how can I set the default language to British English and date format to "dd/MM/yyyy".
Thanks for your help
SQL Newbie

Use 'sp_configure' To change Language

Why u need it ? You simply need to Qery and Build it. . Language doesnt really mtters here.

Data formats are Fully Qualified in Default.

A possible solution to this is to use the ISO Standard format for sending the datetime data to SQL Server, which is "YYYYMMDD" (no separators). Using the ISO format is more "international," and is independent of the default language. For more information, see the CONVERT function in the SQL Server Books Online.

first Choose the Language
run command

select * from sys.syslanguages  

Now Copy and PAste the Whole Query without touching a single statement
I have configured it for
British English and DD_MM_YY Format.

   exec sp_addlanguage 'British', 'English',
   sp_configure 'default language', 1
   reconfigure with override

IF done any mistake while changing the Langugae..
safely return to the default settings by
run command

sp_configure 'default language', 0
   reconfigure with override

To check which Language and Date Format is install
Run command

select name ,alias, dateformat
from syslanguages
      where langid =
      (select value from master..sysconfigures
         where comment = 'default language')

Thanks very much.
It worked.

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