hello all,

I want to make some simple database in access that would track student information, semesters etc...

I have created basic tables like: students, professors, subjects.. now I am stuck with the most important part: semesters and subjects...

here is the link Click Herewhere you can see database relationship diagram example (had to do it again in English lang for your convenience)

Probably I did it all wrong, but here is what I thought and imagined:
The idea is to have a form/subform
in the main form to select or enter academic year, semester and dates
in the subform to be able to select subjects from subject table, its professor from professors table, and retrieve some information regarding subjects... and also add some extra information...

later after that is done.. I would like to connect students with these semester/schedule ... but that is for later

I hope you can shed some lights on this topic? I am a newbie in this. I would like to know how to implement all that in forms? is my diagram wrong? how to connect all those tables into a form? thank youuuuuu

I appreciate any help

best way is to do this..

Make some thing.. and if you got problme.. discuss it here...

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