I would like to convert the post pay to prepaid options, but unable to do the same, so what are the steps to follow to convert the post pay to pre pay options.

I also want to know the difference between these two term , Plese explain it in more detail.

there is one big differnce between them both the methods, one used the payment mode during performing on camapiagn and another one you can used after completing the camapaign, and you can paid the money.

Pay per click is type of paid ads at google adwords.

These are the two ways of paid compaign i guess

There is one big differnce between both the techniques, one used the transaction method during executing on camapiagn and another one you can use after finishing the camapaign, and you can compensat the cash easily.

when you run your google adwords account . then you wil get the two option for hte payment .

If you follow the automatic .then you have need to give the credit card billing address . And you will charged once weekly or monthly and your add is moving with out any problem . But google provide the authority for that profile .
In the manual section after setting the ads group as you give the billing detail .your ads move in the market . and stop when your balance reached minimum . At this time you have need to topup your balance .

pre pay means to pay amount after transaction of goods and post pay means to pay before of transaction.

No matter what context you are talking in; pre is always before, post is always after.

As mentioned in a few posts above all it refers to is when the ad gets paid for, do you pay for it before (pre) or do you pay for it after (post)?

Unless you have bottomless pockets, I always advise clients to do pre-pay ads because post pay can sometimes leave you with bills far greater then what you wanted to or were willing to pay.

You can search on google.

Prepay means you have to paid in advance money to Google account so that you can run your campaign or ads. Postpay means you have to pay total amount after every month. But there are many threshold for postpay account. So please read guidelines before starting.

Google adwords has two payment option.

  1. Automatic
  2. Manual

So keep in mind don't ask any question for increase your post number.

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