Hey, I recently found out how to shutdown another's computer using yours at school with command prompt and when I tried it, it didn't work. Here's the code: shutdown -i and when I click on browse, it says that the server is unavailable. And here at my school, we login to the network using an assigned 5 digit lunch number and a random password. We technically don't have an actual username to login with. I also learned how to send messages to another computer using command prompt and that doesn't work either: msg [/ persons lunch number] [/message time] [/message] and when I run the code, it says that the lunch number (or username) doesn't exist or has been disconnected. And I also learned how to bypass school web filters: ping mywebsite.com that doesn't work either. Thanks.

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Um, okay, so you learned three things that do not work. Congratulations?

Well, the 3 things that i learned were from YouTube and I didn't think they would work on the nebo school district network.

Ok, so you are telling us not to trust youtubes videos posted by amatuers.

Well, some people that go to a different school have said that the 3 codes work. I just think that my district has a way of doing the 3 things that I want to do. So the one thing I mostly want to do is shutdown somebody's computer using mine: shutdown -i so after that I click on add and enter my friends lunch number (assigned 5 digit code). Then I have these computers logoff (pull down menu) and I click ok. The only problem is that my friends computer doesn't logoff, mine does and I have to login again.

You must have proper network connection (workgroup) among the computers in your network.

So check out whether the LAN connection is proper or not and workgroup is created or not.
Then you could send messages and all...

im glad there r some idiots in the world.. trolling arnd!! :D just to add a point. there is something called the unix shell(which most schools adopt in their servers) and then windows ofcourse uses command.com(which im sure u might not know of) and there r other DOS out there too..! certain commands are common among these.. dir,cls,etc. and there r new ones too. Now what were u saying bout the youtubers?

@thecoolman: i have a feeling ur school uses a red hat linux with unix shell.try typing cd.. and then dir /w from ur cmd root. It goes back to the list of all the login IDs right?

I appreciate you helping me but I found out that my school uses a workgroup, and I know it's impossible to remote shutdown other computers in a workgroup.

Hey what youtube videos did u watch to learn about remote shutdown other computers in a workgroup..

it says acess denied

it works up to the point where it says acess denied

I doubt school network administrators are stupid enough to leave their networks wide open for students to screw up. If you get access denied it's because network admins aren't dumb enough to let you do what you are attempting to do.

-I know this is EXPREMELY late however, the Shutdown command in CMD is a great command for those who have a high enough credential (authority).
If you do not have the necessary credential level, it will error out in a code 5.

-Pinging a wibsite to bypass a school firewall is not recommended for those who whats to use, say, facebook at school without credential. Pinging a website only allows for a one time bypass. Whereas the firewall is most likely set up to block out all but certain IP addresses and would constantly be refreshing in the school system.

-Like all else, everything you want to do is credential and ip based. You would first need to acquire the necessary credential for full access and acquire the ip/id of the computer you would like to remote connect to.

The scenario where you typed in your classmate's lunch number would result in an error. You would most likely need to acquire the name of the pc they are using and/or the ip of the computer. Even then, you would not be able to use the command. For 2 reason, you need to run CMD as Administrator and you need to have access to high authority.
(These 2 reason are also applied to most everything else in CMD)

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