A question..how can we store our nose and ear in data base??
plz reply.

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INSERT INTO funny_people (nose, ear, brain)
VALUES ("Gangotri troll nose", "Gangotri hairy ear", NULL);
commented: Haha, made me laugh +8

Oh!! Very funny..!! Its an inteview question.
I mean if they were talking about in picture format or any else then which type of variable we have to use??

I am pretty sure pixel's solution is pretty effective...

Yeah, well the question wasn't a very good one, and stunk of a trolling. Now that I understand that you really did have an honest query here...

If I was asked how to store an image in MySQL, I would probably respond with "I can tell you how, but the question should be why?". It's really not a good practice/solution, and should be avoided. What you should do is store the images in directories, and then store their location and other data in the database.

But I digress, if you were going to store an image in the database, it should be stores as a blob or longblob.

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