I am looking for some database software I can use on my website. Some type of software that is just like forum software only scaled down without the members posting. More or less looking for something were I can easily post and update items all formed in a database just like you create posts on a forum only limted to a few users and presented in a way just like a simple database on a website.

I can explain further if you can help me out.

THanks a lot!

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Do you mean something like phpMyAdmin?

Hmmm no... I am thinking more of the lines of you taking vbulletin's forum software and using that interface for a database only getting rid of some of the members side of the forum so it acts more like an easily editable and postable database.


hay dear, it is very difficult to understand what you are looking for hmmm i guess you are looking for a database software which is economical , reliable and suits the complexity of your application then what is wrong with SQL Server 2005, is there any more features required in your application if it required than you please mail me..Thank you


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