I'm very frustrated at my computer. My friend had built me a computer and for some reason the Windows XP Home OS does not install...and if it does, the computer keeps crashing. (I've tried different cds of XP, even Windows 98-->NOTHING WORKS) I've tried using a new hard drive (Western Digital). Same thing happens-the installation process comes to a halt, the only way for it to finish is to skip files that couldn't be installed. Then I thought it might be the 'bad' cdrom-as the Western Digital suggested...but it does the same thing. What is my computer's problem :?:

What errors are you getting?

Try changing the memory, if you have another computer, just swap it over for a few moments.

Dodgy RAM can cause no end of problems, being unable to run or even install an OS is certainly one of them things.

Alternativly if you have memtest86 (a search in google should provide you with a link) you could test the memory.

It doesn't matter if the RAM is brandnew it only take one memory error to make a system unstable. (expecially likely to have memory problems if RAM was cheap)


So, if I switch up the RAM on my roomate's computer into mine, will it have any adverse effects on his computer once I put it back?