Hello everyone, I have been using xampp for my web app developments for quite a while now. Usually after the app development is done, I upload my files to paid hosting.

Now, this is the case I'm designing a school's accounts managements software which will be used on an intranet. The school has no server or precisely production server.

My question is, can I use Xampp as the server on the intranet using virtual hosts, or if there is a better way, can you please outline it for me.


In my opinion and experience the answer is yes. I know of one organization that uses xampp on a windows server for an intranet app that serves say a hundred users and they are all happy about that.

You have to be aware of a possible decreased performance with large number of simultaneous users but this is more or less my guess based on what I read on the Internet over the years.

I recommend you do a bit of security hardening before putting the thing in production. You may want to read this article and search for more info.

An alternative is setting up a Ubuntu (or similar Linux) server and put your app on that. It might be a more robust solution. Pros: more optimized, better performance, better security. Cons: it's Linux and if you are new to it it might be a bit overwhelming.

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