Hi! I am facing problems with sql server 2008.
I installed sql server 2008 and it was installed successfully. But when i went to start menu then only following features were displaying
1- sql server configuration manager
2- send errors and reports
3- sql server installation center.

But other features like query analyzer, enterprize manager are not displaying.
Then some one said me to install sql server 2008 management studio also. Then i also installed management studio but i could not access database engine. An error occured " server was not found or instance was not valid"
please guide me what should i do?
Note:i am usin window 7

Re: sql server 2008 problem 80 80

You might have more luck posting under the "MS SQL" forum (this is the MySQL forum).

First advice I can offer is to check your Services applet and see if the Microsoft SQL Server service is listed and running etc.

Re: sql server 2008 problem 80 80

In microsoft configutation managar, Microsoft SQL Server is running. but how can I access query analyzer and enterprize manager

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