Hey I have 4 computers. 1st computer is my server machine. I want to install mysql on these computers. Can anyone help me to do that ?
* I want to know how to install mysql on server pc ?
* Also want to know clint machine ?

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I think what you are trying to ask is how to install the MySQL database on a server and how to access that MySQL database from the client computers. If you install MySQL on the individual systems then each one would be running a local copy of the database and you would not have consistent data which is the purpose of a centralized database server.

To have one database server with multiple clients able to access and write queries against the data simply install the MySQL database server on your server system and install MySQL Workbench (or another client app) on the client systems.

An alternative is to run a web server with PHP installed and then access the database from web pages you create or with the web based client phpMyAdmin which does a limited set of what the MySQL Workbench will allow you to do.

The real question you need to ask is how do you intend for people to access the database and what will they access it for. Are they programmers (developers) or just people need to see, query and update the data. If they are developers go with WOrkbench or phpMyAdmin. If they are web browsers or office workers the you need to create an app to provide the access for them.

Hope this helps.

yeh I got it bro

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